Eurasia Srl produces shoes, bags and accessories with the Marsèll, Marsèll Goccia labels. Collections are distributed worldwide by direct showrooms in Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo. Each collection has its own identity; the guiding philosophy, however, is one, and can be summed in the mix of tradition, innovation, excellence and flexibility. These characters result from an approach to fashion-making where designers and artisans constantly challenge their own knowledge and savoir-faire; the aim is to dialogue with tradition only to surpass it while respecting it. The challenge is won through painstaking attention to detail, scrupulous selection of materials and direct control of production, which is entirely carried in-house or through small and trusted laboratories in the surrounding geographical area. Each phase keeps an artisanal imprint: finishes and key steps are made by hand; endless quality checks translate into exclusive objects that are unmistakable for both design, choice of materials and tactile intensity.

Marsèll Goccia